6 Things I’ve Been Loving Recently

With the state of the world as it currently is, it can be quite easy to fall into a pit of despair. Lockdown in the UK has seen many people separated from their loved ones, unable to work, and generally afraid for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their loved ones. As well as struggling with not being able to see my family, I’m also struggling with the monotony of lockdown. This time has seen me appreciate the things I once took for granted, including the extremely small things that I barely ever thought to be grateful for. I think it’s important, now more than ever, to appreciate the small things and find happiness where we can. So today I thought I would bring you a post of the things I’ve been loving recently.

Disney +

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never seen some of the classic Disney films. So when Disney+ came out I figured it was the perfect time to change that. I spent a whole week watching as many Disney films as I could. I made a Twitter thread so that I could keep track of it all that, for some reason, people seemed to really enjoy! Due to my university exams, I’ve had to stop, but there are still so many that I haven’t seen that I really want to. If you would like a follow up to the original thread I posted, let me know! There are also so many films and TV shows I didn’t know existed. And I’m absolutely loving getting to re-watch some of my childhood favourites.

Lotus Biscoff Spread

It can be crunchy or it can be smooth. It is caramelly. And it is heavenly. Every morning I’ve been eating crumpets with a generous lathering of Lotus Biscoff spread on top! I am utterly obsessed with it to the point where I’ve finished two jars of it – and I never finish jars! There’s really not a lot to say except if you’ve never tried it before… DO IT. You can have it on crumpets, croissants, pancakes. In brownies and cookies. Add it to your celery sticks or apples. It’s also suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. Win-win!

Animal Crossing

This post would be incomplete without Animal Crossing. My boyfriend kindly gifted me a Switch Lite while in lockdown and the first game I bought myself just had to be Animal Crossing. I’m sure I don’t need to explain what the game is all about – it’s everywhere! If you read this post, you may know that video games are an anxiety trigger for me, but I’m having an absolute blast completing activities, collecting resources, and designing my island. It’s a very relaxing, no pressure kind of game that I’m thoroughly loving!

Reading Time

While I still don’t have a lot of time to myself what with working and studying from home, I do have a little bit more spare time than usual which I have spent reading. Despite being unable to concentrate on anything at the beginning of April, last month actually turned out to be one of my best reading months of 2020. I’m reading when I wake up. Reading in the bath. I’m reading on my lunch and study breaks. I’m even staying up later each night because I’m no longer getting up at the crack of dawn for work that I’m able to spend much of my evenings reading. Before the pandemic, I was always moaning about wanting more time to read. While this situation is not ideal, I am trying to make the most of the time I’m able to dedicate to reading right now.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post how reading has improved my mental health. Looking after our mental health is especially important, now more than ever.

Borrow Box

There are many things I’ve been missing ever since entering lockdown. Obviously my family and friends are at the top of that list. But I also miss the library. I started visiting the library again in February after finding out they had a decent YA section. I managed to find a bunch of books I wanted to read that I didn’t own. Of course, the lockdown has meant I’m unable to visit my local library, but it doesn’t mean I’m without library books. Borrow Box is the app my library uses for digital books and audiobooks. I have been on a mad spree requesting books and audiobooks. I can’t go to the library but the library can come to me!


I’m unable to see my family at the moment (seven weeks and counting) but that doesn’t mean I haven’t spoken to them. Every Sunday, the three of us – my dad, sister, and I – spend between three and four hours on a video call. Last Sunday we decided to do our first family quiz. Who won, you may be wondering. Well, I did, of course. A landslide victory. Which was surprising because I am terrible at geography and my sister decided to do a whole round of geography-related questions! It’s my turn to host this week and I’m having a great time looking up questions and trying to make it as fun as possible for them! We may not be able to see each other in person but I’m loving this little bit of family time we’re dedicating to each other every week and I’m really looking forward to our next quiz!

What have you been loving recently?

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