Books I Want to Read in 2020

We’re over a quarter of the way through 2020. Hold on. Let’s just take a second to let that sink in. A quarter of the way through 2020. So far, I’ve not yet read any of the books I wanted to read this year. So, in order to hold myself accountable, I’ve decided to compile a list of the books I want to read this year, then when December rolls around I can look back on this post and see whether I managed to read any of them. There have been numerous studies that highlight how effective goal setting is in the pursuit of achieving goals, and as a psychology student, it’s an area I’m thoroughly interested in, so I’m curious to see if this will work for me with the books I want to desperately read this year.

The Bone Season

After devouring and loving all eight hundred and twenty-seven pages of The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon last year, I have desperately been wanting to read another Samantha Shannon book. The more I hear about The Bone Season, the more I’m convinced this is a book I’m going to love. It’s a book I’ve said I’m going to get to since summer last year and yet we’re now in May 2020 and I’ve still not read it. Honestly, no on is more disappointed in me than I am.

The Fever King

The Fever King is a book that has been on my radar since its release last year. I own both The Fever King and its sequel, The Electric Heir, digitally and have been meaning to start reading this series ever since I first heard about it. However, I keep putting it off. Considering the global pandemic that’s currently ongoing, the plot of this book might hit too close to home so it may not necessarily be the best option currently. But they are both definitely books to read in 2020 for me.

The Diviners

It feels like every person in the book community has read, or is currently reading, The Diviners except for me. I haven’t seen anything negative about this book – all tweets, booktube videos, and reviews have been glowing! I’ve read a sample of this book and loved what I read but have yet to pick it up. It is definitely one book that I refuse to finish 2020 without having read.

Jade City

An adult urban fantasy gangster novel that features clan feuds and kungfu fights… are you as disappointed in me as I am for not having read this yet? Jade City sounds like it has absolutely everything I love in a fantasy. It apparently has incredible worldbuilding, an intricate magic system, and incredibly diverse, well-written, complex characters. Jade City is high priority on my TBR!


I read Caraval, the first book in the Caraval series, two years ago. I have yet to pick up its sequel, Legendary, despite absolutely loving the first book. The trilogy is now complete and I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the series. I adored the magic and mystery of Caraval when I read it and have been craving this magical world again. This just had to make my list of books to read in 2020.

The Dragon Republic

The Poppy War made it onto my Top Books of 2019 post. I have been desperately wanting to read the sequel, The Dragon Republic, since its release last year. There seems to be a running theme with me and sequels, doesn’t there? The reason I have yet to read The Dragon Republic is because I was waiting for it to be published in paperback, a whole year after its release in hardback, which is supposed to happen Summer 2020. Fortunately I was able to pick it up digitally when it came on sale but are any of you surprised to know that I haven’t read it yet? This must be rectified as soon as possible!

Are there any books you want to read in 2020? Are any of the books on my list on your list or have you already read them?

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  1. I haven’t heard of these books before, but they sound interesting! I hope you manage to read them all 😊

    1. Thank you – I’m very excited to read them!

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