Out of This World Book Club Announcement

Do you like fantasy and sci-fi books? Want to be a part of a book club that focuses on reading fantasy and sci-fi books only? Look no further than the Out of This World Book Club! (I’m probably more proud of that name than I should be.)

I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because that was extremely cheesy! But it got the point across. So, yes, I’m creating a book club. In order for it to be a club, I need members, otherwise it’s just little ole me reading books alone. So who’s up for it?

The Origin Story

Before I get into the details about the book club, I thought I would give you a little background into why I’ve decided to start my own book club.

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I suffer with social anxiety disorder. Having this disorder can make seemingly insignificant and easy tasks much harder. Including navigating social media. More often than not, I find myself writing in-depth replies to people’s posts and then deleting them, never to see the eyes of the other person. I can spend anywhere between five minutes and five days working up the courage to engage with other people. Whereas other people may not even think twice about it, I think twice and then I think about it again and then again. There’s much more to it than what I’m explaining but it is exhausting and overwhelming to say the least.

I’ve always wanted to be a part of a book club. Either in person or virtually. Except the pandemic really put a dampener on the in person aspect. I know there are a lot of virtual book clubs out there that I could have asked to join. You may be wondering why I didn’t bother just asking a pre-existing book club if I could join. The answer would be that I’m simply too socially anxious. I was once in a Discord chat and there must have been close to 100 other people in there that it became overwhelming to try to keep up with the notifications. Ever since then, I’ve kinda wanted something a little smaller and close-knit.

The Book Club

What will we be reading and doing?

  • One fantasy or sci-fi book every two months – can be middle grade, YA, or adult
  • Book club chooses the book – the most popular choice wins
  • If you are unable to participate or simply don’t want to because you don’t like the book/have already read the book etc. then feel free to not join in on those month and nobody will hold it against you, but you are always welcome to join in the discussion if you’ve already read the book
  • Discussing the book as we go along – rant and rave to your heart’s content – but also discuss the book more in-depth once we’ve all finished at the end of the month (and it’s okay if you need a little extra time to finish the book)

Why should I join this book club?

Did – did you not see my compelling announcement at the top of this post? It’s best if you read it in an announcer voice. Much more impactful. But, no, in all seriousness, join because you want to. Join if you love fantasy and sci-fi. Join if you want to read more fantasy and sci-fi. Take part if you want to get to know some more people in the book community a little better. Whatever reason, you’re welcome!

So what’s the book we’ll be reading in July?

That is a great question and I’ve narrowed it down to a few. I’ve tried to pick across the board. I’ve included middle grade, YA, and adult, with a choice of fantasy or sci-fi. If you have any other suggestions for what to read in July, then please feel free to let me know and we’ll add that onto the poll! (All books link to Goodreads – just click on the image.)

Ghost Squad

The Bone Witch

The Fifth Season


And, lastly, how do I join this book club?

Let me know on Twitter, by either sending me a DM or commenting on my announcement post. If everyone is happy with the book choices for July, I’ll put up a poll soon for you to vote.

I want this book club to be a safe, welcoming space for everyone where we can talk about books. I hope to see you there!

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  1. Yesssss I’m so excited for this! I’m so glad you decided to do it. And I want to read literally all of the 4 books you have listed so far, so I have no idea how I’ll make a decision and vote when the poll comes around 😂

  2. Bryony - Indecisive Reader says:

    This sounds like a really fun idea, I’d love to join! Low-key book clubs are lovely ideas and feel much more personal 😊 they all sound amazing but I’m looking forward to reading The Fifth Season soon!

  3. I’ve read two of the July picks and am currently reading one of them, but I am happy to reread great fantasy and sci-fi books, so count me in!

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