5 Things I Like About Myself

Self-love is something I, like many others, struggle with. I nit-pick constantly and focus heavily on the negative aspects. I criticse my appearance multiple times a day and tear myself down because I convince myself I’m not a good person. Finding anything positive to say about myself is a constant struggle. I’m not only my own worst critic, but I’m also the biggest bully I’ve ever had to face.

Finding something positive to say about myself shouldn’t be this difficult. I want to love myself more. I deserve to love myself more. However, as I’m still in the very early stages of my self-love journey, I still doubt that I’ll ever get to a place where I do love myself. At this point, I’d settle for simply being content.

No one is going to be able to help me on this journey. I have to put in the work myself and that means I have to put the effort in to speak positively about myself. I’m never going to be able to love myself, or to be content with myself, if I’m constantly tearing myself down. So I’ve decided to start with a list of five things that I like about myself. I think that’s a pretty decent starting point.

My hair

I’m going to be pretty straight with you: I adore my hair. Well, most days. It is long and it is thick which is both a blessing and a curse. On the days when it co-operates with me, I absolutely love it. It’s long and flowy and fun to play around with. I get complimented on my hair often. The bad hair days (and, believe me, there are a lot) make me want to rip my own hair out. Or, at the very least, chop it off for a dramatic cut that I’m too much of a coward to actually go through with. But, for the most part, I love it.

My empathy

I often get called sensitive. More often than not, it’s used to tear me down. And I allowed people to do that because I saw it as a weakness to be as empathetic as I am. I feel not only my own emotions very strongly but I’m also attuned to the emotions of the people around me. This is a side effect of my social anxiety disorder, where one slight change in someone’s tone of voice or body language sends me into a spiral. Having social anxiety disorder also means, for me, that I’m more cautious about hurting other people. I always think about how I would feel in those situations if the roles were reversed. I used to hate being empathetic but I’m learning to embrace it and think it’s one of the best things about me.

My sense of humour

My boyfriend would disagree with me here but I actually think I have a wickedly fun sense of humour. I love telling bad jokes, dad jokes, kids jokes, and making puns out of everything. The worse the joke is in quality (i.e. a dad joke), the better and funnier I think they are. People will roll their eyes when I make one of these jokes but I always see their lips curl up into a small smile as they try to resist laughing. I get my sense of humour from my dad and we’re constantly bouncing jokes between each other. If you ever need a bad joke to impress a crowd, I’m your gal!

My strength

Six years ago, I could barely make eye contact with another person. I couldn’t speak to anyone I didn’t know without crying and leaving my house took strict planning so as to avoid a panic attack. So much has happened in my almost twenty-six years of life, from mental illnesses to physical illnesses and complex relationships. Each time I don’t think I’m strong enough to cope, I prove myself wrong each time. I am strong and I need to start remembering this when my brain tries to convince me otherwise.

My smile

Okay, confession: I don’t like my smile. I was once told I had an ugly smile by a member of my family when I was about sixteen and I’ve been self-conscious of it ever since. So while I don’t love my smile, I’ve slowly started to accept it is what it is. I’m working on smiling more because, well, why shouldn’t I? While I’m not comfortable with smiling with my teeth showing, 2020 has actually seen me learn to become okay with smiling with my mouth closed. I might even go so far as to say that I like smiling.

So there you have my list of five things I like about myself. I’m not ashamed to admit it took me a long time to write this list and I even had to ask my partner what he loves about me in the hopes of gaining some inspiration (to which he gave me the cop out answer of ‘I love all of you.’) Just having a list of five things I like about myself (because liking myself is all I can manage right now) is helping me on what I imagine is going to be a life-long journey to fully accepting and loving myself for exactly who I am.

What’s one thing you like about yourself?

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  1. This is such a lovely post, Kelly. I really enjoyed reading this list, everything here is really great and fun, and it goes to show that you are an amazing person 🙂

    1. That’s so sweet, thank you so much, Stephen!

  2. Lists like these can be so transformative! It makes a huge difference to be able to identify some things we love about ourselves. I also love my hair. It’s naturally had grey in it since I was really young and I feel it’s unique 🙂

    1. It really does makes a difference! I’ve felt much better since I made this list. That is unique! Especially now when everyone is putting dye in their hair to get grey/silver highlights and you’ve got it naturally!

  3. This is a pretty list! I am also an empathetic person, and I know how difficult that can be. If you ever need to talk, I’m here!

    For me, I love my determination. I’m a very determined person, both for what I want and for what those I love want. For instance, I wanted to get better at this one game I play with my partners, so I could help them more… So I poured a lot of time and resources into getting good and now I can help a lot more! Plus I love the game myself and feel very rewarded.

    There is more, but that’s one of the main parts I love. Though I’d say before that, it’s my love for my family. I love them so much, they’re my everything. ♥

    1. Thank you!

      Being determined is such a good quality to have and I’m sure that your partner appreciated the effort you put in to improve on the game so that you could help.

  4. I love this post, I might have to try it myself! It is so easy to criticise ourselves so it is important we consciously compliment ourselves x

    – Charlotte / https://charlottesspace.com

    1. Thank you! Exactly, if we want to feel good, we have to focus on the positives (and there’s always a positive!)

  5. I love this post, and you, so very much. You are so strong, and brilliant, and beautiful — and we would get along great IRL, I have no doubt anyways, but especially because my spouse and I literally make the WORST jokes constantly and you would fit right in with us. 😂

    1. Destiny, you are the sweetest! ❤️ ahh yay, someone else who can appreciate bad jokes!

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