Hi. Hello.

I’m Kelly, a twenty-something from Wales, UK, and this is my corner of the internet where I like to post about all things mental health, books, and general lifestyle.

This blog has been inspired by the last six years of my life and the journey I’ve been on in attempting to fight the daily battle of living with a mental illness. While opening up leaves me feeling terrified and vulnerable, I’ve found the only way to break the stigma around mental health is to talk openly and honestly about the struggles and experiences I’ve faced. My hope is that this will inspire, encourage, support, and educate anyone else who is living with or supporting someone with a mental illness.

This blog was intended to simply be a blog about mental health and mental illness but, as I fell more in love with blogging, I decided I wanted to focus on the things that make me… me. I love to read, it’s a huge part of my life, especially as, for so long, it was a coping mechanism when my mental health deteriorated. When this blog is a reflection of me, how can I not include something I’m incredibly passionate about?

So you’ll find posts about mental health, books, my attempt to write a book in 2020, and general musings of everyday life. I’m more than my mental illnesses and I want that to be reflected in the space I’ve curated here.




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